Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Video

I didn't realize what day of the week it was, so my Friday video will be one day late this week. It starts with leaving Savannah and arriving in Charleston, then onto North Carolina through the Wacamaw Wildlife Refuge.


  1. hello, I saw Onapua at Greencove when I was visiting Capt Tim. I wanted to get back there to say hi when I found your Blog. I actually was planning to head down when I saw your post that you had just left, so sorry I missed you. It must feel good to be on the move. This was a great video, it must feel good to be cruising. I got to ask, how does it feel, are you happy to be where you are or are you pushing to get to the destination?

    1. That's a good question Mike. Take this place, at Wrightsville Beach. I am actually quite happy where I am at the moment. It costs me nothing to put the hook down, and nothing to row my dinghy ashore. There are free showers 100 yards away from the dinghy dock and restaurants and a grocery store close by. Today I walked the 1.7 miles to Harris Teeter and West Marine so that gave me a good bit of exercise. The anchorage is well protected and people here seem very nice. Saying all that though, I really want to be out of this hurricane bulls eye and so I will be moving on in a few days time when the weather improves and it doesn't rain so much.
      Sorry that I missed you but I will be back in a few month's time and perhaps we can meet up then.

  2. Peter, forgetting what day it is means that you are now an official cruising sailor. No worries, just you and Onapua.

  3. Ha ha. Now I am an official cruiser......but, isn't that horrifying? In my previous life I wouldn't be caught dead forgetting which day of the week it was, especially the last working day. Now they all roll into one. Scary!


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