Thursday, August 7, 2014

South Santee to Socastee

It was one beautiful sundown last night and I woke early this morning and just listened to the sounds of nature waking up. I actually got up and out of the boat on deck to fully enjoy the view of where I was anchored. The river was surrounded by marsh land and trees, and all of it was wrapped in the morning mist. The sky was a beautiful salmon colour and the water had the slightest ripple from the morning breeze. You see a V in the water as larger fish moved near the surface looking for their breakfast. Occasionally you'd hear fish jumping as they were either trying to avoid being someone's meal or they were chasing someone else. A hawk flew by with a fish in it's talons and the air was filled with the sounds of other birds calling to one another. A log shaped object moved across the river...oh, it's an alligator! What a beautiful way to start one's morning!

Today I travelled 45 miles to just short of Myrtle Beach. Most of the day today was spent cruising through this......
The Waccamaw National Wildlife refuge is stunning.
Mile upon mile of gigantic trees growing in seemingly deep water.
And I did pass a beautiful old steel sailing boat just south of where I am anchored.
The captain was swinging in a hammock on deck, waving as I passed.
Carrots, Corn, avocado, green pepper, and cabbage salad with mango for dessert and tang to drink.

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