Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday video



  1. Hey peter, having a hard time sending you a note here..please email me at or give me a call at 404-635-9080 or 404-993-8189.. Be happy to buy you dinner at tube island, savannah or maybe boston..but that might n
    Mean having to put up with me for a few're living the dream man! Congrats!

  2. Bob be happy to put you to work scrubbing the decks anytime. Arghhhhh! I am getting into the pirate thing here behind Blackbeard Island in Sapelo Island. I know you know this place because it has been feature on Georgia Public Television frequently.

  3. You seem to be going quite fast. You must be enjoying seeing America from the 'other side'. Gives you a different perspective.

    1. I really haven't seen too much of this side of the States before except on TV and I am really enjoying it. BTW sorry I didn't talk to you on your birthday.


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