Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Stuck in Florida

All that Marsh lily that the manatees like to eat, is not the real reason the boat is stuck to the dock. I am waiting on my anchor chain that I ordered a month ago. It was supposed to ship today but I haven't got confirmation of that yet. In the meantime I have no shortage of projects to work on starting with my Jack lines.

These are the webbing lines that run aft to bow that you hook onto with your tether.
You can see me here with a 3 foot and 6 foot tether that hooks onto my life jacket harness. The idea  is that you walk around the windward side of the boat when going to the bow, so that if a wave sweeps you overboard, then your jack line and tether will keep you on the boat.
These latches were next on my list.
And while I was at it I cleaned the shower tray.
What I would like to know is how they can manufacture a complicated device, ship half way across the world and sell it for 98 cents?
And a second garden solar light for the bow.
And I had to get a comfortable cushion for those projected long hours at the helm.
And finally I wanted to get a 5 gallon jug of water for the outside of the boat. Now most cruisers get a red plastic jug for their gas, yellow for their diesel and light blue for their potable water. (Kerosene is kept in dark blue containers.) Besides transporting water to the boat from shore, the idea is that if you have to abandon your boat, you can take your water jug with you to the life-raft if the jug has enough air in it to float. The difficulty as I see it, is trying to see a blue jug in blue water. Anyway this is what I came up with in the meantime.
It should float, keep the water at a better temperature, be easily seen and be readily deployed. It is empty at the moment.

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