Sunday, July 20, 2014


My daily routine involves making coffee, green tea and black tea and then rowing for about 30 minutes for exercise, then boat chores until it gets too hot. Then I head to the store, both to escape the heat and to buy dinner, then I do this blog, walk the docks for an hour and finally shower and the sack. This morning the decks were too wet to start back into my painting so instead I put some more teak oil on the boat's teak, this time on the teak strips under feet in the cockpit.
I finally gave up trying to waterproof the dodger, making a terrible hash out of it in the process.
It looks great now after I cut a new piece of sunbrella to snap in place over the top of it.
I finally got rid of the dorade framing under the dodger.
About mid morning finally the dew had all evaporated, so I started painting the non skid on the boat using a type of dusty sand that you mix in with the paint.
Painting it white unfortunately means that each bit of dirt shows up very clearly.
Looking at that photo now, I see that it is very hard to differentiate between the white walkways that have a special grip like material on them compared to the yellow. This next one shows it a bit better.
Anyway, the boat now looks terrific!

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