Monday, July 21, 2014

My Anchor Chain has finally arrived!

All 275 feet of 350 pounds of 5/16" G4 was in a barrel that I used two carts to move along the dock to my boat. I laid it out in 40 foot lengths to paint white to indicate how much anchor chain I have let out.
I did tie a length of cord and a stopper to the bitter end so that if i ever have to leave in a hurry while anchored, I can tie a buoy to the bitter end and come back to retrieve my anchor at a latter stage.
And here is where it is stored in my anchor locker under the V-berth. My secondary anchor rode is stored forward of this locker on the port side of the bow.
My boat chores today included some repair stitching of sail covers.
Caulking of possible leaks.
Stowing of my danforth anchor on the aft end that I will use occasionally for kedging the boat off the hard if we run aground.
I stuck this on my painter because I keep forgetting to wear my life jacket when I row my boat and especially this morning when there was a alligator playing chicken with me while I was rowing up and down the docks for my exercise. Can some say psssst?
Seeing I will be heading out in the morning, I loaded the dinghy onto the foredeck.
I found this shrimp in the bottom of the dinghy.
It was a piece of cake to raise the dinghy after I winched it aboard through the lifelines using the main halyard winch.
Talk about dirty!!!! It needed a good scrub on the bottom and here she is all tucked away ready to roll.
Of course the other big news of the day is that a tropical depression has just formed off the coast of Africa and is headed our way. I am leaving anyway after I get my two hatches around 10 am even though I will be fighting the tide on the way down the river. The most difficult thing about all this will be leaving my car behind. I can do without AC (both the cold and voltage kind) but giving up my wheels......I shudder to think!
As far as the weather goes, I may just turn back around but I have about a week before it gets here, so wish me luck.


  1. I am going to head up north to cooler climates and also to get out of the hurricane belt.


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