Thursday, July 10, 2014

New Head

This morning I made a bee line for West Marine. I had enough.
Out with the with the new.  I looked at the new composting heads, but at 5 times the price, I just couldn't see it.
I will not go into details but it was a cinch to replace it and the point is, it works!!!!!
Then I started caulking and varnishing the new cap rails.
Of course when the old man upstairs got a whiff of it, he would hear nothing of it.
I wanted to try out my new Honda generator.
I don't carry gas (petrol) on board the boat so I had to run up the road to a gas station and get just a half gallon. It was easy to start and I ran it long enough to try a few AC  powered devices like the vacuum cleaner but then I emptied the gas out of it and ran it dry. I do not plan to use it but the reality is that I may need it as a backup at some stage when it rains for more than a day and my solar panels cannot keep up.
With all the rain cooling things off I was able to cook some vegetables on the stove top.

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