Wednesday, July 2, 2014

We escaped the wrath of Arthur

The tropical storm off the coast has not been a factor today. Sunrise this morning looked like this.....
This view is to the southeast towards the storm and every where else the sky is blue. I beefed up the lines and added more chafe protection.
Also I rearranged the fenders as an added precaution.
Turned out my aft port bollard needed some nuts on the other side.
But in the end this is all we got.....18 knots or so maximum.
Because it was cool I was able to work outside most of the day.
Lubricating my turnbuckles.
And replacing the lower stays.
I feel reasonably secure climbing the mast by myself. As well as the steps, that blue strap you see is attached to my harness so that if anything happened I would be supported.
And here is one of the four turnbuckles that I replaced.

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