Saturday, July 19, 2014

Painting the decks

All of a sudden I realized that the dry weather that we were having would be perfect for painting the decks so I got a bee in my bonnet and took off!
It was a seriously hot and sweaty job but the first coat made her look quite nice.
I did name the new dinghy.
The T-T stands for "tender to" which is supposed to mean you do not have to register it.
I used my leather sewing palm to repair the dodger.
I used screws because I didn't have any brass brads to attach the rope grip to my new top step that the carpenter had fashioned for me.
I finished off the installation of my new hatch after I had given it a couple of coats of teak oil.
The old rails were  a bit beat up so the carpenter inserted new mahogany pieces and epoxied them in place.
I installed a new high water alarm in case my main bilge pump fails.
I made up a new tiller cover with snap fasteners.
I did make one in black sunbrella about a year ago but I was not happy with the size or the color.
I organized a lock for the dinghy in case I ever need to secure it to the dock.
And lastly I redid the trim in the head for the wiring chase.
The first time around I did a terrible job and the carpenter suggested instead of stopping at the lights, to run the trim from port hole to port hole.
Finally I was able to make a delicious salad from ingredients that do not need refrigeration and yet keep in this miserable heat.

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