Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Intercoastal Waterway or ICW for short

Today I travelled just about all day long on the canal that runs along the east coast of the USA. The Florida part of the ICW wasn't even in the original plans and the only reason they added it in the end was because of the huge population that moved to live in Florida.
Miles and miles of this........
and this
I only managed to catch one of these blighters, but there were plenty of them.
I snatched a mooring at Fernandina Beach which is near the border of Georgia and Florida, where I will wait for a weather window to head north outside along the gulf stream.
I am beat so it is a wally world dinner.


  1. I've never looked at the map of that part of the world - more varied coastline than I realised. Does your remark about heading north and the gulf stream mean you're going to turn right at Cumberland Island and head into the open sea?

  2. Yes. I have decided to head offshore tomorrow morning (Friday) and take advantage of south westerly winds that are in the forecast. You are right in that just before I get to Cumberland Island, there is a convenient outlet into the ocean and from there I will head north east.


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