Saturday, July 12, 2014

I have sold my boat!

My dinghy that is. That thing weighed a ton and even though it fit nicely behind the mast, my back is having all sorts of issues now because of it.
It is going to a good home........ Barron, an 80 year old vet is a wonderful chum and needed one for his boat.

I woke today and my neighbor's boat was sinking. The bilge pump had failed and it filled with water from all the rain, but basically it is ruined inside.
The batteries, engine and all the floor boards were under a foot of water. The owner could not be found but the marina staff helped pump it out. So sad for such a nice boat.
What you see is the block and tackle for the starboard running backs. I finally got around to installing them. Actually what was holding me up was finding a tang for the port side and I ended up improvising as you can see in the next photo.
I did go sailing today. I wanted to try out a drifter that looked like a perfect sail for one of those less than windy days.
Turned out to be quite high cut which is fine. Adds another string to my bow.
I needed a pelican hook for the lower life line on my port side but the only one I could find needed a helping hand with a yellow cable tie.


  1. How sad for your neighbour. Will he buy a new boat or rebuild that one? I guess you will be checking your bilge pump regularly. Why did his fail? Would you get a warning if yours was to fail?

  2. He was out there yesterday working to get it up and running again. If he has insurance it should cover all the damage hopefully.


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