Thursday, July 31, 2014

Midnight in the Garden......

For you lovers of the book, "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil," here is the Mercer Williams House as it stands today.......spectacular. It is owned and lived in by his sister Dorothy who has tried to sell it on occasion for an exorbitant amount.
The Lady Chablis still appears at Club One every now and again at the shabby end of town, down near the river in this hole in the wall.
The Bird Girl statue on the front cover of the book had to be taken out of the Bonaventure cemetery because of the crowds of people flocking to see it. Now you can pay $20 to take a close look in the Telfair Museum or if you quickly look up as you enter the building as I did, you can take a look.
Forest Gump fans also got in on the act........ if you remember Jenny, the waitress in the film, here is her restaurant milking the tourists for all they are worth.
Or a little more upscale at Paula Dean's Restaurant, where you have to book a gazillion years in advance just to get in the door.
Or if you like a simple southern vegetable plate with corn bread and sweet tea for just $8, go to Parkers just behind the Lucas Theatre.
 You can choose to take an open air bus ride and see all these places with a running commentary by the driver, and in theory, you can get on and off whenever you want, but the buses are all so full so that if you get off one, it is very hard to get back on.
The fantastic Forsyth Fountain is a stone's throw from the Williams House.
The Cathedral of the St John the Baptist Church would put many European churches to shame.
Mass was going on inside and the atmosphere really made me want to start praying.
And finally, the Savannah waterfront, which had some pretty impressive infrastructure alongside!

All for the cost of lunch and a $1.50 bus ride from my marina.

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