Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Sand Box AKA St John's river

This is a great place to fluff around in and try different setups. I went out today again for about 3 hours, just sailing and practicing different setups in very light winds.
The boat just has a simple reefing system and here is the main sail with  2 reefs in it.
Add a staysail.
And a drifter.  All I was using was a couple of bungy cords to steer the boat.
All the time keeping an eye out for these dreaded crab pots.
I have a couple of navigation programs. One is called MX mariner that I run on a nexus 7 mounted by a RAM mount in the companionway.
And you can see just behind it a 10" Ubuntu Netbook computer sipping power and running OpenCPN with a GPS puck.
I have the latest NOAA charts loaded on both.
Right now I am working on installing another bilge pump. We found out that the boat next to me that nearly sank on Friday was struck by lightning.


  1. Woah! So will you have two bilge pumps?

  2. Actually now I will have four. One automatic and 2 manual pumps and the new one. The whale gusher I have in the cockpit will pump an amazing 1680 gallons per hour and this one a paltry 3700 gallons per hour.


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