Tuesday, July 8, 2014

This never gets old.....

Sunrise on the St John's River.
I needed to check the rigging and especially to check the rake of the mast. You do that by hanging a weight from the top of the mast and the weight should be about 6" behind it.
As you can see, mine is considerable. I tried turning the turnbuckle on the forestay but it is at it's maximum. The rigger will be coming tomorrow and I am guessing that we will have to reset the norseman swaged eye.
I needed to finish both my diesel tank refill points.
And I used epoxy to coat the wood.
Meanwhile Dean came and helped with the caprail project.
He brought the pieces that he had laminated in his shop.
They turned out pretty good.
He will be back tomorrow to finish up.
Nature has a way of making you stop for a cup of tea.
I decided to give an extra coat of clear finish to the table top.
Under my stove was a mess so I decided to tile it.
That mastic covers a lot of sins.
And it was quite easy to lay.
After the glue dries tomorrow I will add the grout.
I am having trouble with my head and I am caught between fixing it or buying a composting one.
And today was supposed to be an easy day.....

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