Monday, July 14, 2014

My new bilge pump....3700 gallons per hour

When you consider my new Rule 3700 will pump over 30,000 pounds of water in an hour, it is pretty amazing.
I first had to create a hole for the hose to enter the bilge.
It was a VERY tight spot to get to.
Here you see three of my four bilge pumps. The front one is the new 3700 gallons  per hour pump that I have to manually turn a switch on, to operate and pull all the hose out and over the side. You can see all the hose stuffed into a basket in the next  photo.
And finally testing it to see that it works.
While I had the hose out I filled my water tanks.
After an hour of fluffing about, I rigged the topping lift and out-haul on the boom.
I redid all the wicks on the portholes that drain water out after it collects there, this time using 3M 5200 to stick the wicks down.
The usual afternoon thunderstorms drove me inside. do painting.....
Wow......did it ever need it.
And finally I resigned myself to having gas on board, so I got a thick plastic gallon container and stuck it on the aft caprail in as safe a position I could think of.

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