Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Unpacking an Achilles Inflatable

Today UPS delivered my new Achilles LEX-88 Hypalon 8'8" dinghy. If you remember, I had a hard dinghy that was perfect except it was too heavy so I sold it. This new one fits behind the mast, weighs just 69lbs and doesn't scuff  the boat every time you turn around.


Before I fit the wood  floor I am supposed to leave it inflated for 24 hours to give time for the hypalon to stretch. So tomorrow hopefully, if there is not too much lightning around, I will fit the floor and see how well it rows.
I did do a mini project today in the way of installing a boom preventer.
You can see the start of the blue line on the boom going up to a forward stanchion and back to the cockpit. It is a device to stop an accidental gybe when running downwind.
I also got my VHF from defender. The first one I got was temperamental and finally didn't work at all so they sent me a new one.
Both my VHF devices have a one time ability to program an MMSI number into them from the FCC that records all my personal information. That way if I hit the DSC button on it, an emergency call is made with all my details including the boat's location on it.


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