Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rigging and caprails....check!

First of all I want to show you a wonderful picture of my neighbor, Patrick rowing out to his boat from mine at the end of the day.
Today Justin came out to see the work his guys, Johnny and Dean had done on my caprails.
I was so happy with the job, he is going to fix my hatch, the top step and the foot rest beneath the table..
Here are the finished caprails.
Now I have to pull them up, caulk the underside and varnish them.
Julian Crisp, the rigger came out to my boat and fixed it all up. As expected he fixed the rake by taking 7" off the forestay and 5" off the staysail stay and now the rake is just 5" long. The monitor windvane is now sitting 39" above the waterline, like it is supposed to be.
He left me with a little homework of caulking the tops of the Norseman eyes to weatherproof them and also to put seizing wire on all the turnbuckles.

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